Information - "BIO" Flexum-Medicinal Spa

IMG_1235kThe " Bio" Flexum-Medicinal Spa, which can be found in the heart of the town, is powered by medicinal water gushing forth to the surface from a depth of 2000 meters. The water has one of the best combination in Europe.

The pools with different water temperature fulfilling all claims give place to wellness experience, recovery, opportunities of relaxation and sport as well. The cures founded on the acknowledged medicinal water are also wide-ranging: health centers, pool, voltaic bath, whirlpool bath, curative massage, mud pack, electrotherapy, remedial gymnastics, and aqua fitness.

The bath has 7 pools, operating in all seasons, without any chemicals: a covered 33 m long swimming pool, two sitting pools, one with medical water and one with mineral water, a pool for remedial gymnastics, wellness-pool, wellness swimming pool, together with a water surface of 1900 square meters. Around the pools there are open and covered relaxing areas with cozy deckchairs. A new open-air, 25 m swimming pool, and so a water surface of 2300 square meters awaits our guests.



  Surface Volume Depth
Swimming pool:
33,3m, 28-29 C˚, heated spring-water
666m² 990m³ 1,50m

Thermal water pool :
36-38 C˚, chilled mineral water

340m² 240m³ 0,75m

Sitting pool:
30-33 C˚, chilled mineral water

255m² 180m³ 0,70m
Sitting pool II:
36-37 C˚, chilled medicinal waters+ jacuzzi, sole-and waist massage blocks
191m² 180m³ 0,80m
32-34 C˚ chilled mineral water
217m² 220m³ 1,00m
swimm & exercise pool:
28-30 C˚, water recirculation system
271m² 325m³ 1,20m
Swimming pool 25m:
26-28 C˚, water recirculation system
400m² 600m³ 1,50m


Sauna world


Finnish Sauna

It is recommended to take a sauna in several stages in a room of 120 °C temperature with 5-30 % humidity, gradually increasing the length of time. The hot and dry sweat should always be followed by a cool-off, then a rest. It has got a powerful stabilizing and regulating effect and combines well with detoxification cures and therapeutic treatments like a massage.


Kneipp steps

You tread in cold water stepping on pebbles placed on the bottom of a pool while walking around. The legs are lifted out of the pool at every step so the cold water and the warm air provides the contrasting bath character. The pebbles gently massage the reflex zones of the soles thus initiating a particular regulation process


Wellness section

The new wellness section of the bath is awaiting lovers of bathing from 2015:

- saunas

- steam bath

- salt room: salt cleans lungs and bronchial tubes as well as helps phlegm loosen and it dissolves and softens mucus in 

  lungs. The regular use of the salt room relieves concentrating and sleeping disorders which result from stressful 

  lifestyle. Due to the antibacterial effect salt also useful in the treatment of skin disorders, in addition, salt hydrates 

 hair and skin due to its water-binding properties.


Wellness offers - Aqua bathdays

Special wellness offer from AQUA   Hotel Termál, Mosonmagyaróvár



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TheHotel located on the area of Thermal bath in the heart of old town, with its 73 well-equipped rooms, therapeutic, - wellness section, restaurant, drink-bar waiting for guests desire to relax.



Our own inside pool with thermalwater, finnish sauna and infrared sauna wait for guests from 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M every day.

Thermal bath


The Flexum-Thermal Spa, which can be found in the heart of the town, is powered by medicinal water gushing forth to the surface from a depth of 2000 meters. The water has one of the best combination in Europe.